Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Baroque Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Baroque Art - Essay Example . The Roman Catholic Church endorsed the Baroque style because of the vitality and emotions that it could bring to the church. However, Baroque style was not just limited to the church; it was used in everyday life. Baroque style paintings were overly exaggerated and showed serious events in life. In terms of Baroque sculptures, Bernini was the most famous Baroque style architect. Baroque architecture stressed importance on domes and columns within a structure. Baroque theatre brought the viewing experience into a whole new era. The stage became much more of a focal point and would constantly change to fit the scene on hand. Many Baroque elements from the theatre are still in use today. Baroque literature gave importance to man and his role within the world. Music of the era relied upon the use of ground bass. Some famous Baroque composers were Handel and J.S. Bach. After the Baroque era, the Classical era came along. Music from this era was much less complex than that of the Baroque era and a variety of melodies and rhythms were used. In Classical orchestras, the music pieces were composed of smaller parts and did not place reliance upon an individual instrument as an the Baroque era. The Baroque genre originated out of Italy in the early 1600’s and spread throughout the rest of Europe. There were many different forms of Baroque in paintings, sculptures, architecture, literature, philosophy, and music. The Baroque genre is distinctive for evoking emotions in those who show an interest in it.

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